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The Scotsman The Scotsman 2 December 2014

My resignation

Well, the time has come, as all of you have anxiously awaiting. I am no longer able ( Or willing, for that matter )  to act in my full duties as President of MC Nations. Several factors have pushed me to this final conclusion, which I will now list :

  • Lack of time: As I progress further in to my education, I have found I no longer have time to manage the wiki or server... It is either this, or my future. 
  • My so called "rating" of being president: It's been obvious that I never was a "popular" administrator, to say the least, much less as president. Over the last few weeks, however, I have noticed that several users who shall not be named, have taken a strong disliking to me. While being able to put up with people not liking me in general, I w…

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The Scotsman The Scotsman 18 October 2014

Administration Announcement : Land Reclaims/Territorial Reset

Well, here it is. I have talked to my partner, the Vice President ( Now returned to regular user, but this shall continue ), and we have decided to do reclaims and the map reset now, considering it is getting chaotic here...

  • 1 Land bids
    • 1.1 Tier I Nations
    • 1.2 Tier II Nations
    • 1.3 Tier III Nations

Nations will be divided in to Tiers, as they always have. Tiers I, II, and III.


  • Bold means primary bid.
  • Normal means secondary bid.
  • Strike means a secondary bid that has been placed, but is currently void.

  • Kingdom of Great Britain ( Includes Ireland and Hannover ) - Winner of bid: Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania - Winner of bid: G-man
  • Kingdom of Prussia - Bids :
  • Kingdom of France - Winner of Bid: Joseph Coalsmythe
  • Kingdom of Spain - Winner of Bid: …

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The Scotsman The Scotsman 4 October 2014

Wiki administration/server reforms

Hey guys, I am letting you know that since Joe has entrusted MC Nations with me, a few reforms will be tested to see how they work out. This will mean several people will be demoted, and a few people will be promoted, along with a few rules being added and removed. This list will be uncomplete until next week, so, just bear with me while I get everything sorted out.

  • Blau Wolf XIII - Chat Moderator to Vice President ( Non Bur )
  • LieutenantNigel Chat Moderator to Administrator
  • TheNextMaster - Chat Moderator to Chat Moderator and Rollback
  • User:EmpressBluefeather31 - Chat Moderator to Chat Moderator and Rollback

  • Masqueradeus Administrator to Regular User
  • Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Chat Moderator and Rollback to regular user ( User resigned )
  • LíthìumŒ…

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The Scotsman The Scotsman 17 August 2014

Official Administration Blog : Without a server... AGAIN.

Well, here we go again... Mas resigned, took off the perms for Joe, Lith, and Me, and officially, we are without a server. Until further notice, land changes, wars, and such are put on hold.

I will try and get a new server up and running tomorrow.

22:47, August 17, 2014 (UTC)
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The Scotsman The Scotsman 9 August 2014

My views on a few issues

Ok, before you ask, I actually got the idea for this from Jerry's blog on the PPW, so, before any of you ask, yes, I got the idea from that. 

First off, the level of drama is too high. Second off, it is the troublemakers, who cause the drama, and when the admins get on to them, they call us biased... Think about this for a second : OF COURSE THE TROUBLEMAKERS WOULD CALL US BIASED! Before you nicer users start believing them, think about it : have they ever gotten a ban, block, even? If we give them bans, they automatically call us biased. Simple as that.

Oh yeah, this issue is so bad it needs its own heading. Said troublemakers, whose names shall not be typed on this blog, have been at it for TOO LONG. They have cursed, caused drama, insulte…

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