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I have decided that my Presidency is taking a turn for the worse, as after we lost two of our staff members, we have started to go inactive. I thus am placing Temporary President John Kroshbon (User:The Scotsman) as President of the MC Nations. I am now the President Emeritus of the MC Nations, which ensures I have the right to return and take up position as President if I see fit, at which time the President would become Vice-President again. I unfortunately do not have time to continue on the MC Nations, and cannot continue to develop this site. 

I will, however, do my best to return this winter, when I receive a 3-week vacation from school, which will allow me to resume Presidency for a couple weeks, before I become President Emeritus again until summer. Basically, I will continue as President during Winter and Summer, while Scotsman shall remain President for Spring and Fall. I will be making Scotsman a bureaucrat, however, he will have to revoke the right at times when I return. I hope that our new President can bring the MC Nations back to life. I bid you all good luck, and wish for you to enjoy your time here. 


Joseph Grey - Talk @Admins