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Hi. I am going to be inactive for 3 days-1 week depending on how long my family decides we stay in Miami. We will be driving down as it is only 5 hours from Jacksonville. If I miss anything like a birthday or vote i so srry </3

If I do get internet at any point and a vote goes up I gonna ask Mall or Par to post mah vote 4 me. I would not be able to post anything as I would be on a crap iPod.

YES I JUST SAID ANYTHING THEY SAID IS MY WORD because i trust they wont twist what i say c:

So, todaloo.

252px-Simón Bolívar Signature.svg.png 16:59, August 6, 2014 (UTC)

Also, I have hereby named the Spanish Cardinal (Mallace), King Regent of Spain.