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King Alexander I King Alexander I 16 October 2014

Declaration of War on Imperial Iberia

Greetings, members of the MC Nations Group. Today, I have supported a long-awaited defense of our fellow Italian state, and ally, the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardina, which has recently annexed several Italian states. In response, Imperial Iberia declared a campaign of bloodshed, to limit the expansion of Sardina, and possibly take these states as their own. I urge all members of the MC Nations to condemn Iberia, including placing sanctions, embargos, and boycotts on Iberia.

With respect,

Kopf Alexander Kroshbon (talk) 


From the Tagsatzung Convention on October 14th, 1761:

On this day, October Fourteenth, in the year of the Lord, Seventeen Sixty-one, the People's representatives in the Tagsatzung have concluded that it is in the …

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King Alexander I King Alexander I 13 August 2014

Important Notice

Hi. Sir Joseph Grey and I are both going to be inactive for a couple days as a result of a Family matter. I will still be on here and there, but Neil won't be on for a while (it's more of an issue to him). As per Presidential Succession, the VP, The Scotsman is Temporary President. Thank you. 


Alex (and Neil)

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