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The Cause

The Kingdom of Bavaria is turning grimmer by the day. The true citizens must unite together to bring down the Tyrant, Kaiser Luther von Klugg XIII. The Citizens have banded together to erase the Absolute Monarchy, and establish a superior republic.

The Republic

The Republic has officially announced that it's forces have taken the following states:

  • State of Unterfranken
  • State of Mittelfranken
  • State of Oberfranken
  • State of Oberpfaiz

The Monarchy

The Monarchy will resume control over the rest of the nation, as the Republican forces have failed to take them.

So following this, we shall commence the battles, I would like everyone to sign their names here to state whether the support the Monarchy or The Republic. Let the true Government of Bavaria be shown by this war.

The Republic Forces

  • Blau Wolfe XIII - Leader
  • State of The Brethren Coast
  • State of the United States of America

The Monarchial Forces

  • Kaiser Lukas I - Leader
  • State of Switzerland


Battle of Regensburg Part 1

  • Republic Victory, Regensburg farmland outpost seized.

Victory Scale


Republic                                                                         5%                                                                    Monarchy