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Hello <insert name here>! I am The Scotsman, also known as Scot, Scotty, ( Any way you can twist my username, really. ) or John. I am the President of this wiki, so, if you need anything, go ahead and leave a message on my talk page or contact me in chat. Thank you, and have a good day. ( Please put signature requests on my talk page with the image, or give me the font you want and I will make it for you. )

Contact details[]

Facebook : John Stansfield

Skype : ironshot91 ( No video or voice calls, please. If you use this way of contacting me, it must me messages only, ( I will reject any voice or video calls ) because of my privacy concerns. )

Kik : The_Scotsman94 ( To only be used if I am holiday, please, thank you :) )

Minecraft Username : TheScotsman_92

PotBS, Antigua and Test Server : John Tremain

Or, you could be simple and contact me on my Talk Page


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The Scotsman – "It actually makes more pollution making a hybrid car today than the cars they were replacing."
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My awesome word bubble. Created with the help of Parax

Favorite pages[]

These pages I have made entirely, have contributed greatly to them, or I just plain like them.


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1200px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png The Scotsman is British.
The Scotsman is an Alpha Tester on the MC Nations Server!
The Scotsman is a Beta Tester on the MC Nations Server!