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Hello there! I am the Founder & President Emeritus here at the MC Nations Wiki, President of the Crossbones Wiki, and a very active user on both the POTCO World Role-play Wiki and the POTC Fanon Wiki. These are the only Wiki's that I continuously contribute on; the other site I use being Facebook, where you can find me under the username of “Joseph Grey”. To contact me, you can leave a message on my wall, send me a message on Facebook, or email me at LordCrossbones@gmail.com.

In POTCO Role-play, I was King of Switzerland on one character, Colonel in the British Marines on another, Secretary to the Prime Minister of Britain’s Office on another, and leader of the Sepoy Indian Soldiers on another. I was generally well-known, and was influenced by King John Macbatten of Sweden, who courageously defended his Kingdom from both the British, and the Spanish, until he was defeated. I sought to liberate Sweden, to reform his policies during the second part of my career, but was ultimately defeated by the strong British support for Sweden’s Queen. In Switzerland, I was the backbone for 17 Role-play years, serving as Prime Minister, Head of the Military, Chief Advisor, and eventually King of Switzerland. I later became the Chief Advisor on my new character, Sir Josef Grau, Count of St. Gallen, and continued to advise King Yellowfish on his rule until March 2014. After this, I decided to switch the former Gaming Nations Wiki into the MC Nations Wiki, and create a Minecraft Server for POTCO Country RP to continue by. 

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Contacting Me[]

  • Facebook (preferred method): Joseph Grey
  • YouTube/Google+: Joseph Grey
  • Email: lordcrossbones@gmail.com
  • Minecraft: GravityShocker (soon to change to LordCrossbones)

My Favourite Wikis[]

  • Por Britain Wiki (porbritain.wikia.com)
  • East India House Wiki (east-india-house.wikia.com)
  • MC Nations Wiki (mc-nations.wikia.com)
  • Assassin's Creed Wiki (assassinscreed.wikia.com)

My Sandbox []

User:Sir Joseph Grey/Sandbox