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1235px-Flag of the United States.svg.png Sam Darkwalker is American.

Hallo, I am King of Netherland in this RP, and if you want to talk or chat to me, don't Hesisate to call me for anything regarding affairs or diplomatic issues.

Samsig1piece.PNGAwesomeness3.jpg 21:03, July 19, 2014 (UTC)

Some Knowledge[]

Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Greenish

Height: 6'1


Decent Diplomat

Good General

War is my Strong-suit


King of Netherland ( Duh. )


Russia: Samvertov Darkcahevic

Netherland : King Samuel I of Netherlands

Genoa: N/A

Austria: N/A

Spain: N/A

Quebec: N/A

Poland: N/A

Romania: N/A


" Life ain't a joy, its a choice given to us for a reason, now we may see things differently, but we're all the same. "King Samuel I of Netherlands

" Why am I pressured, All countries have issues, but others have the most, which are the failing or concerned countries, Im as independant as the next man who rules a country, I know what to do, but im not always in control of the issue. "  - King Samuel I of Netherlands

" Who here fights against me? I'll cut your throat when I finish you Odkuf! Nobody is going to hurt my allies, nor will they, They're my important allies, also as my other friends, like GIO, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire. " - Quote from the Falklands War Incident

" Why must I have allies who fight against each other? I don't want to choose, but yet im pressured to do so, Why? Why is it that im the problem, but i've stayed netural in these affairs? " - Quote from the Ottoman-Switzerland War

" Im truth to all, Im not a liar or enemy to A Kaiser, or Tzar, or king, or Emperor, I choose my path how I see fit, Im not put into a lie, Nor am I told to rule anything in any direction, thats why I don't have a council telling me ideas that I may or may not refuse. " -  King Samuel I of Netherlands

" Im interested with countries, but I don't want to just see to it to be just ONE, I don't want to choose between my favorite countries for the one I wish to serve in, thats just a poor need for rule, isn't it? " - King Samuel I of Netherlands

" War is a talent, do, the best fighters are not the experienced, they are the rookies of war, they are eager to prove much of their talent, Every master used to be a rookie, learning the ways of war is not easy nor is hard, you need to know the moment you start to walk, otherwise you will never be a master of war. " - King Samuel of Netherland

" May the sword of the enemy be faltered, for glory and victory there will be much losses, defeats, and lies, but stick true to your country, and live life to the fulliest, because you can only live this life once, but you live in heaven forever." - King Samuel I of Netherlands

" The best soldiers are the men who have never experinced war, but have fought and brawled. " - King Samuel I of Netherlands

" Netherlands is a land of Purity, courage, and hope! We will guide people from other lands to the rights and ideas of The Netherlands, There is no hatred for this country, for no country has battled with us nor will we fight with them, unless they wish to fight us! We stand united by our Red, White and Blue, There is no issue to small nor too big for us Dutch to handel! For Honor! For Glory! For The Netherlands and its Allies! " - King Samuel I of Netherlands