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Myself, Kopf of the Swiss Confederation.

Hello, I'm Alexander Kroshbon in this Role-play. I lead the Confederation of the Swiss, and am Head of the House of Kroshbon.

Quick Info[]

  • Age: 32
  • Family: House of Krosbon
  • Father: William II, King of the Swiss
  • Mother: Rose Macmorgan
  • Siblings: David I of Switzerland (Formerly; Adopted), Crown Prince Benjamin I (Adopted), Richard I, Rose I
  • Titles: Kopf of Switzerland, Crown Prince of Switzerland (Formerly)

Quick History[]

I was born on September 24, 1728 as James Kroshbon, to Tyler Kroshbon (Prime Minister of Switzerland at the time) and the Queen, Rose Macmorgan. Rose was the wife of my father's elder brother, Ryan I, and the daughter of the famed East India Trading Company High Lord, Benjamin Macmorgan. Tyler was the son of Anthony Kroshbon, the richest man in Central Europe for his time. My father from an early start was the more powerful son of my grandfather. He - along with his two other brothers, Ryan and Johnathan - formed the famous, and most powerful, group of Kroshbon's in history. Called the "Kroshbon Triumvirate", this group of boys in their twenties defeated the Lonesome Drifters guild in 1723, securing their dominance in the Hassigos District of the Caribbean, the third largest at the time. Returning to Ukraine, they arrived in Switzerland, amidst the chaos following the Paradoxian War. My father secured his elder brother on the throne of Switzerland, and became the de facto leader of both Switzerland, and the family. The Empire of Norway began tensions with Switzerland, and, in 1734, invaded Hassigos at Fort Courageous on Port Remnant. Tyler quelled the situation in the Caribbean, leaving Ryan and Johnathan to turn back the Norwegians in Switzerland. Eventually, my mother was found to have relations with the Norwegian Queen, Maggie, and was trialed from Switzerland by my father and Head of the Military Christopher Ironshot - during Ryan's visit to Ukraine - resulting in her exile to the Yucatan for 25 years. I, as a young child at the time, joined her. 

10 years later, at the age of 17, I returned to Switzerland as Alexander Kroshbon, and met with my father an Koniz Palace, as he was now King. He officially recognized me again, and made me a Prince of Switzerland, 2nd in line for the throne, surpassing my new brother, Richard, but remaining behind by adopted brother, Benjamin. I became good friends with Richard, but kept my distance from his mother, Queen Lisa. A sister was also around, Rose, who I rarely seen, due to her studying in France. Shortly after I returned, the Prime Minister at the time, Blau Wolfe XIII, prepared a special mission, where he under the guise of rebellion, seeked out the disloyal members of government, who were exiled to Morocco, and the Yucatan. My father reinstated Prime Minister Josef Kohleshmied, and made Wolfe Minister of Finance again. His health had deteriorated in his ten years of ruling, however, and by August 1747, he had reached 10 years of reign, and was on his deathbed. Ten days short of a 10 year reign, my beloved father drew his last breath. His Will was recieved in copies internationally, where he declared his newly adopted son, David Kroshbon, to become the next King of Switzerland to replace Benjamin (who had priorly been disowned for his Regency of Switzerland). David begun his 6 years of warfare and economic depression within the next month, invading Prussia. For 1 year, Crown Prince Casey ruled as a Regent, while David spread his influence to other nations. There was no leadership during that time, and crime increased rapidly. Eventually, David returned, plunged the Swiss into a third depression, as he attempted to campaign in to Oregon Country. This was around the time an exiled Count, the Count of St. Gallen retrieved international dominance by forming the "Gaming Nations" a pecursor of the current MC Nations (which he is also President of) in Lucca. This gave David a harder time in his conquests, as International Laws were put in place, and the only other area he was able to conquest was the West Falkland Islands, under King "Odkuf" (An operative of David sent priorly to nations to claim power, and then get it taken over by the Swiss). Tired of these atrocities, John Scotsman, former Chief Advisor of Switzerland formed a rebellion in Prussia. He eventually won, and David's career was over, as he fled to Russia with protection by the now deposed Tsar Haenar III. 

I joined John in Prussia, and was made Crown Prince of Prussia, and Duke of Switzerland. I allowed John to join the family, as I was now Head. He ruled for 4 years before beginning to search for another route. He travelled to Lucca to see if he could join the Republic of Lucca, a city-state that ironically was more powerful than any other. John eventually joined them, and ceded Prussia to Albert III in place of me. In result of the new dynasty, Switzerland declared Independence from Prussia, and abolished the Monarchy. They formed the Swiss Confederation, headed by the Tagsatzug, a successor to the Swiss Parliament, that held much more power. The Head of Government was the Premier, who was made the Head of Legislature at my appointant to Head of State (which was also de facto Head of Government). I occupied the newly formed rank, "Kopf", or "Leader" in German. In essence, this new Swiss Confederation mirrored the Kingdom of the Swiss, with a stronger Legislature. 

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