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Hallo! I am Blau Wolf XIII, I am a user here on MC-Nations. I currently reside in the Brethren Coast, and work there as Governor of Puerto Rico. If you have any questions, please contact me. Fair winds!

History in RP

Solo Capitalist When MC-Nations was founded, I did not directly join any nation at the time. I was a solo capitalist, meaning I did not establish my headquarters in any nation. It also meant that I could free lance in any nation I wanted to. So I made my money in Europe, and the Americas roaming about setting up shops on profitable streets. Eventually, I would find a new nation with a reclaim of nations...


The reclaim of nations allowed me to claim Bavaria. Bavaria used to be ruled by Nicholas I, however he became inactive, allowing his land up for grabs. After I claimed Bavaria, I gave it to a new friend in RP called Kaiser Luther von Klugg XIII. Luther von Klugg XIII was a character created by me. However I gave it to my friend since he was curious about role-playing. I still remained in Bavaria though, I would continue serving as President of the Landtag. The legislature branch of the Bavarian Government.

However Bavaria was small compared to other nations, it would need to expand to achieve more recognition. We both agreed that a small set of acquisitions would be a beneficial start. The acquisitions would give Bavaria more direct contact with a trusted ally, Prussia. Another benefit, was that it would connect the mainland to an isolated estate called Kaiserslaturn.

However, greed would soon fall on the leadership of Bavaria. The Kaiser craved more, and more land. He constantly dreamed of the goal of a unified Southern Germany. He mapped out hundreds of plans to unite the Southern Germans. He declared a unification between Bavaria, Baden, Württemberg, and Hohenzollern. However, Württemberg would civilize, causing failure of unification. This angered the Kaiser by a large deal, and he soon departed on a stress vacation.

Civil War

The civilians of Bavaria, had become agitated that their Kaiser left their nation in a horrible state of condition. I also became a part of this growing organization of rebels. We soon began protesting the Kaiser's rule. We were then declared an enemy of the state by the Klugg Kaisership. With this in effect, we officially grabbed our arms and attacked the government. The Northern Bavarians ceded away and formed a new nation. The Republic of Bavaria, soon the Bavarian Civil War would begin.

With the Bavarian Civil War in effect, the Republicans gained the support of other countries quickly. With this support, the rebels could receive superior training, and fight conventional battles. This allowed the capture of several Bavarian states under the Kaiser's rule. The Kaiser was still on his vacation, and was not available to command his troops. Spreading confusing, distrust, and mutiny among his ranks. The Kaiser's Army soon fell apart. With the land reclaim of 1760, I would gain full control of Bavaria.

The Brethren Coast

When the civil war was over, the Kaiser was exiled permanently from the Bavarian lands. However, I had made plans with King Cannonwalker I. In the Treaty of Kralendijk, the Bavarian lands would be given to the Netherlands. However all of the Dutch colonies in the West Indies would be ceded to the Brethren Coast. I was then accepted into the country, and earn the position of Governor of Puerto Rico. I also would establish a small Dominion called Hausder, making myself Lord instantly after it was admitted to the Brethren.