Seal for the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition (Spain)

Spanish Inquisition

Social Information
National Office
  • Madrid
Official Language
  • Spanish

Affiliated Religions

  • Catholicism
  • Minecraftism
  • 1483
  • 1760

General InformationEdit

The Spanish Inquisition is a group established by the Spanish Empire and was reformed by Alberto II. Despite the intentions of keeping Spain Catholic, the Catholic Church nor Pope has any say in the operations of the Inquisition. The Inquisition's job is to keep Spain pure as a Catholic nation and convert those accused of heresy, and if unable, shall be sentenced to death.

Title DescriptionsEdit

Grand InquisitorEdit

The Grand Inquisitor heads the Inquisition and sits on the Supreme Council. He oversees its operations and sits as Grand Inquisitor for life unless he steps down.

National StructureEdit

Supreme Council & General Inquisition

  1. 489px-Estructura de la Inquisición.svg
    Grand Inquisitor - Camilo Gervasio Olmos
  • Inquisitor (Jurist) -
  • Inquisitor (Theologist) -

Provincial Tribunal OfficesEdit

  • Seville
  • Cordoba
  • Toledo
  • Llerena
  • Murcia
  • Granada
  • Las Palams (Canary Islands)

Inquisition WarningsEdit

The Inquisition will post warnings around your city if you are not pure catholic. If you do not adhere by these warnings, the Inquisition will brand you as a devil, and you will be sentenced to death.

Cross StandardsEdit

The Inquisition has a booklet of standards required by all citizens under the Inquisition to follow.

  1. The Cross must have a core color:
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • White
    • Red
    • Black
    1. The core must be the only block that touches four others in the cross.
  2. The Cross must be constructed out of either chiseled stone, or stone bricks.
  3. The Cross must meet these dimensions:
    • Height: Four blocks, No more than six
    • Length: Three blocks mirroring each other on the second-to-last block to the top.
    • Width: One blocks ONLY!
  4. The Cross must have a sanctuary around it.
    1. The Cross must be in the exact center of the sanctuary.
    2. The sanctuary may only be made with stone products.
      • Excluding any stone with Silverfish, Cracked, or Mossy stone.
    3. The sanctuary must have a ring of Cobblestone around it.
      • Cobblestone CANNOT touch the Cross itself.
    4. The sanctuary needs at least one of the below:
      • One glowstone block
      • Ten Torches
    5. The sanctuary must have at least five flowers related to the core block.
      • An Exception is if you use torches instead of glowstone.
        • Redstone torches are FORBIDDEN!
  5. The Cross, or sanctuary requires one block of value:
    • Block of Emerald
    • Block of Quartz
    • Block of Redstone
    • Block of Coal
    1. Exceptions require two blocks instead of one:
      • Block of Diamond
      • Block of Lapis Lazuli
      • Block of Gold

Cross ExamplesEdit

  • A modest cross, with a Quartz core, with glowstone, and a ring of Azure Bluets.