The Security Council is the primary elected government body. While members of the Republic of Lucca are the primary governing body of the MC Nations, the Security Council is the second highest authority. It is presided by the Vice President of the MC Nations, currently Albert Spark, more commonly known as Reyes de Luz. 

Members of the Security Council are refreshed on the first day of each month, with week long elections. It typically consists of 5 member states, but may have 4-7 in rare occasions. 

 Member States

  • Prussia (King Albert III) - Holds an inagural spot.
  • Poland-Lithuania (King Augustus III) - Holds an inagural spot.
  • Spain (Emperor Frederick Kroshbon) - Holds an inagural spot. 
  • Quebec (Queen Celestine I) - Holds an inagural spot. 
  • Great Britain (De Facto ~ Prime Minister Henry Pelham) - Holds an inagural spot.