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"Ego homini Lupus."

The Independent Circle of Bounty Hunters is a small clan of ex-criminals and pirates who denied allegiance with any established countries in favor of a neutral and small family. The Circle is lead by Lithium, trained bounty hunter and assassin, and practiced hand at diplomacy and peace-making. While the Circle is neutral, it is common for them to step into conflicts and attempt to resolve them peacefully without blood being spilled. However, if there is a clear and present danger in a single player or players, the Circle will take matters into their own hands and end the conflict quickly and efficiently - for a price.




The intricate coat of arms of Lithium, displayed in the Circle's outposts.


Military Alliances: N/A

Trade Alliances: The Caribbean - The Netherlands

Enemies: None unless provoked or pose a clear and present danger to the longevity of peace on the server

Bases and HideoutsEdit

Main base: Undisclosed

Listening outposts: at least one in every continent