Minecraft Nations Wiki

The General Assembly consists of every nation in the MC Nations. Every nation automatically receives one vote, and the right to propose laws, bills, and new policies for the MC Nations. Large Universities/Churches/Corporations also maintain the right to propose laws, bills, and new policies, but are not apart of the General Assembly, and do not have the privilege of voting. 

The General Assembly is presided by the President of the MC Nations. 

Member States 

  • New Zealand (King Matheiu I) 
  • The Netherlands (King Sammuel I) 
  • Austria (Empress Maria Theresa) 
  • Genoa (Re Giuseppe Ermano) 
  • Arabia (Sheikh Khalaf) 
  • Norway (Grand Emperor Kwagar Ocata)
  • Andorra (King Parax I)
  • Bavaria (Konig Nicolas I)
  • Romania (Queen Genevieve I)