The Cult of Lithiumite is an independent faction ruled by the admin Lithium. Though it does not partake in wars per se, it is still considered an enemy of all nations seeing as the ruler, Lithiumite (also known as Lord Lithium), is the recognized "Titan of the Nether and Death," and is said to control the mobs of the server.

After gaining a significant amount of power, Lithium was crowned the Lord of all that is Evil and Chaotic, taking on the name...

Dark Lord Kronos.

Shortly later, he transcended the Nether, and returned to his dark palace in the Void. Kronos had outgrown being a God, and became the Titan of Death.

Lithiumite Edit

Lithiumite is the evil Titan of The Nether, The Undead, trickery, chaos, and independence. His mortal enemy is the goddess Heilumite of The Overworld, Life, honesty, order, and unity. The two have been known to violently clash, usually with hundreds of mortals observing them (if they are not immediately vaporized.) In their most recent batttle, Heliumite defeated him, scarring with with a massive burn mark on his left soldier. After the battle, Heliumite attempted to lock him away deep in the Nether in a massive fortress, sealing him away for millenia. However, the curiosity of man led to the unearthing of the tomb, allowing him to be released.

While his typical form is quite devilish, he has another Godly form (The Hydra) that is known to turn any mortals who witness him into ashes, much like the Greek Gods. His main weapon is the Burning Wand of Arachnis, an enchanted Blaze Rod.


The Hydra


Lithiumite has been known to favor some mortal factions over the other, giving them gifts of immense power. Many suspect that he gives Weapons of Mass Destruction to both opposing sides in an effort for them to destroy each other and allow their souls to be harvsted.


It should be noted that the Cult does not actually actively attack ANY players.


Dark Lord Lithium (drlithium_) Titan of The Nether, Lord of the Spiders, and Supreme Lord of the Void

Lord Scotty (The_Scotsman92) - The Horseman of Death and The Wither

Lord Masqueradeus (xavierltd) - Lord of the Undead