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Dig Deeper, Avoid the Creeper


Minecraftism is a religion of people who believe in Notch, the God of Minecraft. They also believe that Herobrine, is the destroyer, the one true evil sought to destroy Notch's work. The basis of the religion is seeking enlightenment, which would ascend players into the Heavens. This could only be achieved once a follower has fulfilled all the principles of Minecraftism.

The Mojang[]

The Mojang is the highest of followers for the religion of Minecraftism. Only the closest to enlightenment or the most dedicated to Minecraftism may be accepted into the Mojang. To be accepted, you must follow an extensive process set by Notch. This process is called Minecrafting. The sacred process must be followed completely, step-by-step, detail-by-detail. Failure denies a follower from joining the Mojang until a great quest is accomplished, and the Player redeems themself.


The AB is the council that manages the Mojang. AB stands for Apostles of the Beginning.

Cyan Council[]

The Cyan Council consists of the Mope and the Azures. This council makes major decisions when present with a religious crisis.

  • The Mope - Casper Sparre
  • Azure - Lucas Akerström
  • Azure - Thomas Lundmark

  • Cratriach - Jacob Holm
  • Cratriach - Karl Brahe
  • Cratriach - Wilhelm Sundström
  • Cratriach - Kent Ekdahl


Mishops are the normal leadership of the Mojang.

  • Kaya Proule


Power does not go without responsibility. In Minecraftism, each position in the Mojang has it's own responsibilities to follow by.

  • The Mope - Oversees the entire religion.
  • Azure - Part of the Cyan Council, they do not oversee anything. However they make many of the religion's decisions.
  • Cratriach - A Cratriach oversees a Mabby.
  • Supreme Mishop - A Supreme Mishop oversees a Craftedral.
  • Grand Mishop - A Grand Mishop oversees a Monastery
  • Archmishop - An Archmishop oversees a Church.
  • Mishop - A Mishop oversees a Craftpel.


The Religion of Minecraftism has several establishments that preach its religion.

  • Craftican City - A small country within Lucca that oversees the entire religion.
  • Mabby - A Mabby is the headquarters of Minecraftism in a nation.
  • Craftedral - A Craftedral is the headquarters in small natios, or states within a nation.
  • Monastery - A Monastery is the headquarters of small states, or large cities.
  • Church - A Church is the worshipping center of cities, or large communities.
  • Craftpel - A Craftpel is the worshipping center for communitis, or desert areas.

In Use[]

This is a list of establishments currently in use.

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