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Grand Palladin Order of the Divine Lords, often referred to as the Grand Palladin Order or simply the GPO is a religious order. The Grand Palladin Order's forces are currently apart of the Caribbean and guard the current EITC Field Marshall and his wife.


The Grand Palladin Order of the Divine Lords believes in a concept known as the "Divinity." The major figures are Wildvane, the fiery spirit from which their will to fight began, Bluehawk, whose wings guide their path, and Roderick, from whom their wisdom and sense of honor are taken from.


  • Grandmaster Mathieu Kenway
  • Grandmaster Jane Fletcher
  • Grandmaster Liam Shooter
  • Knight-Palladin Robert Bluehawk
  • Knight-Palladin Charognard Belemont
  • Knight-Palladin Olivia Kenway
  • Knight-Palladin Rhys Kenway