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The Netherlands is currently ruled by Koning Sammuel I of the Netherlands


The Netherlands are a country that has been destined to be found, due to the Trading, Science, Culture, and Languages. the country was refounded after the Falling Of The Islands, the country was given to Samuel Darkwalker, who founded Spain after the Fall, who lost it due to a duel. When a choice Between Russia or Netherlands, Samuel chose Netherlands due to its cultural ideas. Since then, Koning Samuel has been leading the country to be one of the top Leaders in Science, and a minor Military.

Netherlands Info.
Religion (Main):


Religion (Minor):


Pagan (Mainly in S. Flanders)



Market: Free Mercantilism

Dutch (Main)




Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Royal Family[]

Leader/Ruler: Koning Samuel I of the Netherlands

Queen: N/A

Crown Prince (heir): N/A

Princess: N/A

Father: Alfonso Darkwalker

Mother: Maria Darkwalker

House of Darkwalker[]

Family Head[]

  • (1729 - present) Koning Samuel Darkwalker I Of Netherlands


Netherland's Flag.jpg

Prime Minister: Bomani Alexander I

Minister of State:

Minister of Defence: Ryan Kenway

Minister of Welfare:

Minister of Finance:

Higher Advisor: 

Lower Advisor:

Motto: " Moge God ons in zijn ogen, want wij zijn glorieuze, staan ​​we samen in deze Monarchie "

Translation:  (May god have us in his eyes, for we are glorious, we stand together in this Monarchy)


Commander-In-Chief of the Netherlands: Koning Sammuel I of the Netherlands

Regions Held:

New Holland



New Guinea

Republic of Congo




Bavarian Lands


While the Dutch may of had such a great example of territories in the new world such as New Amsterdam which the British took in August 27, 1664, They have had other colonies such as Dutch Guyana, which grew to be come its own state following the rights of the Netherlands.

Relations of other Kings and Queens[]

Country Status Ruler Government Type Consulates
Empire of Spain Neutral Emperor Jorge I Stratocratic Monarchy No
Habsburg Monarchy (Austria) Allied, Trading Queen Hannah Maria Therese I Monarchy No


Allied King Ocata I




Friendly, Trading

King George IV

Prime Minister Goldtimbers

Monarchy No
Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia Allied King Charles Emmanuel III Monarchy No
Poland-Lithuiania Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact King Parax III Monarchy No
Ottoman Empire Friendly Sultan Mathieu I Monarchy No
Romania Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact Queen Gene Monarchy No
Russia Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact Tsar Dmitri III Monarchy No
France Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact King Jacques I Monarchy No
Arabia Neutral Sheikh Khalaf Unknown No
Switzerland Friendly ,Trading Kopf Alexander Monarchy Yes
Persia Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact Shah Pantalo Monarchy No
Genoa Neutral Doge Blake Monarchy No
The Caribbean Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact President Cannonwalker Presidential Republic Yes
Morocco Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact Royal King Petras I Absolute Monarchy No
Gran Colombia Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact Simon Bolivar Absolute Monarchy Yes
United States of America Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact  President Andrew Mallance Federal Constitutional Republic Yes
Sweden (Russian-Controled) Neutral Duchess Celestine Duchy No
Württemberg Friendly, Trading, Mil. Pact Konig Josef Lithium Absolute Monarchy Yes

National Navy[]

Currently, the Dutch do use ships for war, they are Nationalized. Trading boats are required to carry at least 30 cannons for support or pirate attacks, The Dutch currently trade in the Caribbean, Southern Africa, Northern Europe, and Southern Asia. The only 2 regiments that are actually used for war, are the Traditional Dutch ships, Fluyts, they are commonly used for trade, and the First Rates. Flutes are mostly used for trade but most of these boats are now being used in war, as times may get tough.

A model of a Fluyt.

First Rate.

land Military[]

Currently, the Dutch does have a National Military. There are only 4 regiments that are in service,The Blue Guard, who protects important builds and citizens. Also, The Line Infantry, whos job is to follow any general in battle., Also the Holland Guard, who is considered to be the best Dutch Regiment besides the Blue Guard. The Blue guard is considered to be one of the greatest Dutch Infantry. Also, There is one Regiment of Dragoons currently in service. With the resignation of David Kroshbon I of Switzerland, the Dutch have inforced more soldiers into service, with the hopes of being a stronger World Power. With the giving of New Zealand, The Dutch have more men stationed near Austrialia, Flanders, and Netherlands.


THe Holland Guard.

The Blue Guard.

Line Infantry.


The Main religion is Catholic, although many immigrants bring in Christain, Orthodox, and Islamic, While this may not be a issue, Netherland does not require a specific religion to be praticed or preached. Currently the biggest religion praticed, or learned would be Catholic, asides from the fact the Ruler is Catholic.


Drink n' Check: bar with special dancers. It is in Amsterdam and it is very popular. The owner is Queen Victoria I of Portugal. The important political figure Johnny Goldtimbers, Prime Minister of Great Britain, likes a lot this bar...

Dutch News[]

7/7/1820: - The Netherlands is Refounded from a Restarting and has the same Leader: Koning Sammuel I of Netherlands

7/81820 - 7/25/1820: The Netherlands makes Alliances, trading pacts, and Consulates with Gran Colombia (Tr.Pa), Brethren Coast (Tr.Pa) , Switzerland (Con.), Bavaria, ( Tr.Pa.) Austria (Tr.Pa., All.) and Britain. (Tr.Pa.)

7/16/1820: - The Atlantic Pact is formed and the former people of the Treatry of Moscow join.

7/26/1820: - The Netherlands, Morocco, Gran Colombia, And France join to Atlantic Pact.

7/27/1820: - Württemberg and Romania are welcomed in to the Atlantic Pact.

7/29/1820: - The Netherlands Supports the Republic of Bavarian Rebels against the Monarchy of Bavaria, War Tensions start to arise with Switzerland, having they supported the Monarchy.

8/3/1820: - Netherlands is given the Lands of Bavaria by the Treaty of Karlendijk.