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Flag of Austria

Austrian Empire Imperio Austríaco (**1797-1918) (*1804-1867)

Austrian Empire Imperio Austríaco (**1797-1918) (*1804-1867)

Habsburge empire

Royal FamilyEdit

  • Leader: Queen Hannah I (Hannah Bluefeather)
  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables: (Francis I???) Prince Elector/King of Austria and Husband to the Queen/Empress


  • Unknown

Path to the Throne/HeirsEdit

Order of MinistersEdit

  1. Prime Minister: Cadet
  2. Minister of Finance: Johnny Goldtimbers
  3. Minister of Defense: TheNextMaster (Samuel Darkwalker)
  4. Minister of Trade: Matis Kenwëy
  5. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Viceroy Robert McRoberts
  6. Liaison Minister: (Not yet named)

Foreign RelationsEdit

Minister of Foreign Affairs: not yet done.

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  • Great Britain: Allied
  • Spain: Neutral
  • Prussia: Allied, Trading
  • France: Unknown
  • Denmark(GIO): Neutral
  • Caribbean: Neutral
  • Morocco: Unknown
  • Sweden: Allied, Trading
  • United States of America: Unknown
  • Poland-Lithuania: Unknown
  • Gran-Columbia: Neutral, Trading
  • Piedmont-Sardinia: Unknown
  • Andorra: Unknown
  • Aubelan Covenant: Unknown
  • Arabia: Unknown
  • Switzerland: Allied
  • Bavaria: Allied
  • Persia: Unknown
  • Venice: Unknown
  • Ottoman Empire: Unkmown
  • Two Sicilies: Unknown
  • Netherlands: Allied, Trading

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Minister of Defense:~not yet done~


Minister of Trade: Matis Kenwëy


  • Prussia: %


Minister of Finance: ~ not yet done~

Lands Ruled by the Empire of AustriaEdit


  • Austria
  • Tirol
  • Austrian Netherlands
  • Voralburg
  • Styria
  • Upper Austria
  • Istria
  • Carnolnia
  • Milan
  • Salzburg
  • Illyria
  • Bohemian Crownlands (Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia)
  • Galicia
  • Hungary
  • Lombardy
  • Venetia
  • Transylvania
  • Dalmatia/Slavonia
  • Croatia?
  • Belgium (co-ruler but is controlled by TheNextMaster)

*Lands I lost:

  • Modena
  • Parma
  • Tuscany
  • Various lands from the Holy Roman Empire

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Other Names for the Austrian Empire:Edit

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Shops in the Austrian Empire:Edit

  • none currently

Shops that Queen Hannah I rules in other countries:Edit

  • Veirfontein Waffle Shop (In Belgium)- Famous waffle house, sells candy, syrup, fondue, cheese, chocolate, and other things. Also, it sells of course, Belgium Waffles.


  • Austria becomes the Austrian/Habsburg Empire, Austria loses and gains some lands, and the leader became Queen Hannah I.
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