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Venice Flag

Government Edit

Leader- Doge Raolo I

Minister of State-

Minister of Finance-

Minister of Civil Affairs-

Minister of Foreign Affairs-

Minister of Defense-

Minister of Production-

Minister of Justice-

Military Edit

Commander in Chief- Raolo I

Grand Marshall-

Rose General-

General of The North-

Major General-

Stratioti- Light Cavalry unit that is mostly mercenaries.

Venetian Heavy Infantry- Unit that is used on the frontlines in battles.

Venetian Heavy Cavalry- Behind the Heavy Infantry.

Venetian Defensive Network

Venetian Spies

Venetian Sappers

Relations with other nations Edit

Netherlands- Allied, Trading

Caribbean- Indifferent

Denmark- Allied

USA- Indifferent

Spain- At War

Sweden- Indifferent

Great Britain- Indifferent

Austria- Indifferent

Piedmont-Sardinia- Indifferent

Romania- Indifferent

Russia- Indifferent

Portugal- Indifferent

France- Indifferent

Arabia- Indifferent

Switzerland- Indifferent

Bavaria- Indifferent

Persia- Indifferent

Morocco- Indifferent

Ottoman- Indifferent

Gran Columbia- Indifferent

Two Sicilies- Indifferent

News Edit

July 1760: Raolo ( Ryan I ) becomes Doge of Venice and starts construction of his government.

July 9th 1760: Venice accepts the invite to The Grand Union of Nations.

July 30th 1760: Peace remains in Venice but the GPO removes itself from the country.

August 2nd 1760: Venice officially enters war


The Italian Noodle: restaurant opened by Queen Victoria I. It serves different Italian meals and is highly reputated. (Currently closed)

Venetian Weaponry and Surplus: Opened personally by The Doge as a effort to arm responsible citizens