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Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Portugal (1640-1910)

Portuguese Empire

Political Information
Type of Government
  • Absolute Monarchy
Head of State
  • Queen Catalina I
Head of Government
  • ???
Speaker of the People
  • ???
  • Queen Catalina I
Branch Information

Head of the Government

  • ???
  • Queen Catalina I
  • Lord Judge -
Social Information
  • Lisbon
Official Languages
  • Portuguese

State Religious Body

  • Roman Catholic Church
Territorial Leaders

Princess Victoria I

Colonial Cmdr. -

Angola Gov. General Robert
Mozambique -

Cape Verde


Please reference The Portuguese Monarchy Agreement of 1747 for the official law of the nation.

King's CabinetEdit

  • Chief of Military Advisory - General Cobens
  • Minister of the Interior - Minister Roberta Moon
  • Minister of Commerce & Colonial Administration - ???
  • Lord Judge - ???
  • Speaker of the People (Appointed by Citizens) - ???


  1. Commander-In-Chief: Queen Catalina I
  2. Chief General Cobens

Artillery DivisionEdit

Infantry DivisionEdit

Crown CourtsEdit

The Crown Courts are courts in the case of there be law breaking. Upon breaking the law the law breaker is subject to trial by a panel of unbiased participants and kept in order by a Judge as well as overseen. However, these trials can be overturned by the First Minister, The Lord Judge, and/or the King/Queen of Portugal.

  • Lord Judge - ???


  • Switzerland - Tariff Rate: 110% - Sanctions
  • Spain - Tariff Rate: 110% - Sanctions
  • Norway - Tariff Rate: 5%
  • Arabia - Tariff Rate: 10%
  • France - Tariff Rate: 5%
  • Poland-Lithuania - Tariff Rate: 5%


  • February 1748 - King Albertus I pits military sanctions on Switzerland and Falklands due to unecessary fighting with an arms embargo.
  • February 1748 - King Albertus I publicly supports the conquest of Asia by the Ottoman Empire.
  • February 1748 - King Albertus I revokes sanctions on Switzerland.
  • March 1748 - Albertus abdicates the throne to Catalina Amore.
  • March 1748 - Catalina establishes relations with the Kingdom of France.
  • March 1748 - Catalina sanctions the Grand Liberation Coalition with the Sanctions Act of March 1748.
Flag Nation Leader
100px Grand Imperial Order (Norway) Emperor Kwagar Ocata
100px Kingdom of France King Mathieu I
Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania King Augustus III
100px Empire of Switzerland King Yellowfish I
100px Kingdom of The Netherlands King Samuel I
None Arabia Sheikh Khalaf
Kingdom of Spain King Frederick I