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The Republic of Lucca is the headquarters, and main governing body of the MC Nations. It is led by MC Nations President, Josef Grau and MC Nations Vice President, John Scotsman. It is surrounded on three sides by Tuscany, with a third side facing the sea. All Administrators and Operators are automatically part of the Republic of Lucca.


  1. President of the Republic, John Kroshbon of Berlin
  2. Vice-President of the Republic, Blau von Wolfe XIII of Hamburg
  3. Head of Defense, TBA
  4. Head of Defense, TBA


The Republic of Lucca is immune to attacks by any nation. Only an Operator has access to remove, place, or edit blocks in the Republic's landmass.


Lucca typically supplies anything that cannot be grown, harvested, or created in other ways by nations. All purchases are used with real money, which goes toward the upkeep of the server itself. Several items are marked to be solely exported by Lucca. Lucca will not export any impossible to earn items (Bedrock, End Portal Frames, etc.).