365px-Royal Greater Coat of Arms of Spain (1700-1761) Version with Golden Fleece and Holy Spirit Collars.svg

Empire of Iberia

Political Information
Type of Government
  • Absolute Monarchy
Head of State
  • King Alberto II
Head of Government
  • Hand of the King, Catalina Guerrera
Branch Information
  • King Alberto II
Social Information
  • Madrid
  • Lisbon (Emergency)
Official Languages
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

State Religion

  • Roman Catholic Church
Iberian Leaders
Castile King Alberto II
Portugal King Roberto I
Aragon -
Sicily Military Gov. Ronold Cobens
Brasil -
New Spain Governor David McMartini
Rio da la Plata -
New Granada -
Peru -

Bandera de España 1701-1760.svg

Flag of the Empire of Iberia

Law of the Land



Elderly Karl V

King Alberto II

The Council of IberiaEdit

  1. King Alberto II of Castile (Head of State)
  2. King Roberto I of Portugal (Head of Government)
  3. King - of Aragon
    1. Governor (Brasil)
    2. Governor David McMartini (New Spain)
    3. Governor (Rio de la Plata)
    4. Governor (New Granada)
    5. Governor (Peru)
  • Cardinal Andrew Octavianius Clemente Wright III (Religion)


Land ForcesEdit

Chain of CommandEdit

  1. Lord General Ronold Cobens
  2. Grand General ??? (Infantry)
  3. Grand General ??? (Cavalry)
  4. Grand General ??? (Artillery)

Naval ForcesEdit

Chain of CommandEdit

  1. Lord Admiral ???
  2. Grand Admiral ??? (Atlantic Ocean)
  3. Grand Admiral ??? (Mediterranean Sea)
  4. Grand Admiral ??? (Gulf of Mexico)

Spanish InquisitionEdit



  • Great Britain - 5% Tariff
  • Denmark - 7% Tariff
  • Habsburg Monarchy - 6% Tariff
  • The Ottoman Empire - 7% Tariff

Free trade and No tariffs in placeEdit

  • The Caribbean
  • Persia

Iberia's UnionEdit

Free Trade, No Tariffs, Economic Support

  • Sweden



  • Prussia - Open Borders Pact
  • Great Britain - Trade, Defence, & Open Borders Pact
  • Denmark - Defence & Trade Pact
  • Morocco - Open Borders Pact
  • Caribbean - Trade, Defence & Open Borders Pact
  • France - Defense & Trade Pact
  • Sweden - Iberia's Union Member
  • Habsburg Monarchy - Trade & Defence Pact


  • Arabia
  • The Ottoman Empire
Neutral Trading PartnersEdit
  • The Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Persia
  • Genoa
Unable to contact (Neutral):Edit
  • The Papacy
  • Montenegro
  • Venice

Watch List (Neutral, but suspicious)Edit


  • Savoy - At War
  • The Netherlands - At War
  • Switzerland - At War

Foreign BuildingsEdit

The CaribbeanEdit

  • Coast Embassy in Madrid & Coast Counslate in Barcelona
  • Spanish Embassy in Havana & Spanish Counslate in St. Augustine


  • Swedish Embassy in Madrid & Swedish Counslate in Seville
  • Spanish Embassy in Stockholm & Spanish Counslate in Helsinki


  • Romanian Embassy in Madrid & Romanian Counslate in Cordoba
  • Spanish Embassy in Bucharest & Spanish Counslate in Iasi


  • Danish Embassy in Madrid & Danish Counslate in Seville
  • Spanish Embassy in Copenhagen & Spanish Counslate in Christiania

The NetherlandsEdit

  • Dutch Embassy in Madrid
  • Spanish Embassy in Amsterdam


  • French Embassy in Madrid & French Counslate in Cordoba
  • Spanish Embassy in Versailles & Counslate in Marseille


  • Prussian Embassy in Madrid
  • Spanish Embassy in Berlin


  • The Empire of Spain is taken control by King Alberto II of Granada
  • The Bavarian Monarchy is declared a foe of the empire.
  • Cuba, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, and Florida is ceded to the Brethren Coast.
  • Supporters of the former Jorge Clemente rule are exiled from Spain and it's Empire.
  • Andrew Octavianius Clemente Wright III becomes Cardinal of Spain.
  • The Spanish Inquisition is formed once more.
  • Blau Wolf XIII is named Grand Inquisitor by the Crown.
  • The Empire of Spain annexes Portugal.
  • Spain and Portugal are unified and become the Empire of Iberia.
  • The Atlantic Pact is abolished and reformed as the AIN, Iberia joins.
  • Alberto II declares Savoy's claims to be unlawful and tensions arise.
  • Iberia departs the AIN.
  • Iberia declares war on Savoy.
  • Iberia sanctions the Netherlands and declares them an enemy of the state.