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Klugg Kaisership Crest

Klugg Kaisership

Bavarian Coat of Arms

Kingdom of Bavaria

  • Munich
Largest City
  • Nuremberg


  • German


  • Italian
  • French
  • Bavarian
State Religion
  • Roman Catholic
Government Type
  • Absolute Monarchy
Grand Royale Family
  • Supreme-Kaiser Luther von Klugg XIII
  • Supreme-Kaiserin Sophia Kerwer Klugg II
  • President Blau Wolfe XIII
  • Vice President Tim Baier
High Command
  • Field Marshall Johann Nilshorn
  • Marshall Detlev Schäfer
  • Marshall Ludger Klemz
Area and Population
  • 2.3 Million
  • 75,865 km²
  • 6.5 Billion
  • .72
  • Mark
Flag of Bavaria

Velcome to the Kingdom of Bavaria!


Grand Royale FamilyEdit

  • Kaiser Luther von Klugg XIII
  • Queen Sophia von Klugg II
  • Grand Prince Nikolaus I
  • Prince Raimund I
  • Prince Marko III
  • Princess Melanie II
  • Princess Nicole II


  • Minister of Finance - Benno Wexner
  • Minister of Education - Christel Straussler
  • Minister of Defense - Kaleb Lehr
  • Minister of Production and Labor - Kate Mensing
  • Minister of State - Lydia Teller
  • Minister of Law - Henry Drache


  • President: Blau Wolfe XIII
  • Vice President: Tim Baier
  • Chancellor: Heinz Unger
  • Speaker: Gebhard Weber


  • Chancellor: Heinz Unger
  • Lord: Wolfram Schiffer
  • Lord: Markus Mehler
  • Lord: Lara Brack
  • Lord: Henry Ammann


  • Speaker: Gebhard Weber
  • Representative of Oberbayern: Niklas Blecher
  • Representative of Niederbayern: Ursel Lichtenstein
  • Representative of Unterfranken: Marc Kromer
  • Representative of Mittelfranken: Luis Schor
  • Representative of Oberfranken: Karina Laufer
  • Representative of Oberpfaiz: Edgar Martin
  • Representative of Schwaben: Thomas Neuner

Supreme CourtEdit

  • Chief Justice - TBA
  • Justice - TBA
  • Justice - TBA
  • Justice - TBA
  • Justice - TBA




  • Bavarian Rheinland
    • Small Arms Factory Closed
    • Steel Factory Closed
    • Lumber Factory
    • Canned Food Factory
    • Glass Factory
  • Bayern
    • Fabric Factory Closed
    • Glass Factory
    • Liquor Factory
    • Clothing Factory Closed
    • Paper Factory (Under Construction)
  • Franken
    • Glass Factory
    • Clothing Factory
    • Steel Factory
    • Explosives Factory (Under Maintenance)
    • Paper Factory (Under Construction)

Most Produced Materials:

  • Coal
  • Timber
  • Wheat
  • Fruit
  • Cattle



  • Poor Strata: 65%
  • Middle Strata: 50%
  • Rich Strata: 35%


  • Army Stockpile: 90%
  • Naval Stockpile: 30%
  • Industrial Stockpile: 0%
  • Education: 75%
  • Administration: 75%
  • Social Spending: 100%
  • Military Spending: 50%


Basic Information

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

  • Appoints Ruling Party
  • No Elections


  • Conservative: 40.7%
  • Socialist: 28%
  • Liberal 22.9%
  • 6.6% Reactionary
  • 1.8% Anarcho Liberal


  • Social Reforms
    • Minimum Wage: Trinket
    • Maximum Workhours: Set by Foreman
    • Safety Regulations: Acceptable Safety Regulations
    • Unemployment Subsidies: None
    • Pensions: Low Pensions
    • Health Care: Good Health Care
    • School System: Good School System
  • Political Reforms
    • Slavery: Outlawed
    • Upper House: Appointed
    • Vote Franchise: Landed
    • Voting System: Jefferson Method
    • Public Meetings: Allowed
    • Press Rights: State Press Only
    • Trade Unions: All Allowed
    • Political Parties: Underground



  • Farmers: 46.6%
  • Labourers 33.6%
  • Soldiers: 8.7%
  • Craftsmen: 7.1%
  • Artisans: 5.5%
  • Clergymen: 1.3%
  • Officers: 1.3%
  • Census Underway


  • Catholic 93.7%
  • Protestant 6.3%


  • Conservative: 43.5%
  • Socialist: 22.1%
  • Liberal: 19.8%
  • Reactionary: 12.6%
  • Anarcho Liberal: 2.1%


  • South German: 75.3%
  • North German: 12.7%
  • Austrian: 7.2%
  • French: 3.6%
  • Italin: 1.2%


Main Exports:

  • Coal
  • Timber
  • Fruit

Main Imports:

  • Fish
  • Wool
  • Tea



On June 1st 1808, Luther von Klugg XIII sent an expedition to the uncharted lands north of the alps. After several have been completed, and a fully detailed map had been completed. Luther XIII was stunned by the beauty of the land, and the elegance of the mountains. Luther XIII then sent settlers to build a new nation. The first city, Munich, was soon completed.

After Munich, many more cities began to rise and form a new nation. It was not long before crime, and anarchists would start to tear it down. Luther XIII established Munich as the capital city, and built a government for the people. Any threats now vanished, and the government, and the people chose Luther XIII to be their monarch. Kaiser Luther XIII now decided to call the lands Bavaria.


After the settlement of Bavaria, Kaiser Luther von Klugg XIII (now Lukas I) set out to modernize. He would improve small villages to bustling cities, and teeming metropolises. Nuremberg would soon rise out from the shadows to become the most well known city in all of Bavaria. Beating Munich's population, and rising to greatness.

Soon the military would be raised, and the government would receive several expansions to it's size. The country would soon rise from a civilized nation to a economic powerhouse.

Alliances and EnemiesEdit

Bavaria soon was noticed by not only their neighbors, but the world powers. Bavaria made an alliance with Spain, and a host of other countries. However, the Aubelan Covenant was an enemy to Bavaria. However, over time, the Covenant fell. Bavaria has since then made more positive diplomatic ties to nations around the globe.

However not everything would turn out peacefully. Bavaria would eventually find several enemies, that would keep grudges with each other for a long time.

The Bavarian Civil WarEdit

However, with growth comes the demise of the morality of some. Kaiser Lukas I soon grew corrupt, and faced a growing country of rebels determined to abolish the monarchy. The Republic of Bavaria now stood as a worthwhile enemy to the Bavarian Kingdom.


Map of Bavaria

Blue - Republic of Bavaria; Sky Blue - Kingdom of Bavaria


  • State of Oberbayern (Capital)
  • State of Niederbayern
  • State of Unterfranken
  • State of Mittelfranken
  • State of Oberfranken
  • State of Oberpfaiz
  • State of Schwaben


  • Armed Forces: 230,000
  • Conscription rate in State of Emergency: 35%
  • Normal Drafting Rate: 10%
  • Budget: $310,000,000 (5%)



High Command

  • Field Marshal
  • Marshal
  • Major General
  • General


  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Master Ensign
  • Senior Ensign


  • Ensign
  • Specialist
  • Private
  • Soldier

Kaiser's Guard

  • Kaiser's Guard Commander
  • Kaiser's Guard Officer
  • Kaiser's Guard

Military PersonnelEdit


  • Every 100,000 is an army, made of two divisions.
  • Every 50,000 is a division, made of five brigades.
  • Every 10,000 is a brigade, made of four regiments.
  • Every 2,500 is a regiment, made of five companies.
  • Every 500 is a company.

Rank UniformsEdit

Uniforms are listed from highest to lowest ranking.

Special UniformsEdit

These uniforms define no rank, and are only used on special occasions.

Dress UniformsEdit

These uniforms define ranks, however, they are only used on special occasions.

Kaiser's GuardEdit

The Kaiser's Guard is composed of some of the most elite troops from the world.



Flag Nation Leader Status
725px-Flag of the First Saudi State.svg Arabia Roger Warskull Neutral
Jolly-roger Brethren Coast Cannonwalker I CB, TE
370px-Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark Kwagar Ocata Neutral
France flag France Jack Bluehawk Neutral
Flag of the Gran Colombia (1819-1820).svg Gran Colombia Rey Simon Bolivar Neutral
Union jack old Great Great Britain Anarchy Neutral
FlagoftheAustrianEmpire Habsburg Monarchy Maria Theresa Neutral
MoroccoFlag Morocco Petras I Neutral
Netherland's Flag The Netherlands Samuel I Neutral
Iran Politics Club Lion & Sun with Persian Curved Sword Iran Flag Persia Shah Pantalo Neutral
360px-Savoie flag.svg Piedmont-Sardinia Re Giussepe I Military
Flag of Poland-Lithuania TW Poland-Lithuania King Augustus III CB, TE
Russia Russia Alexander I CB, TE
Better Spain Jorge Clemente Ally
18CenturySweden Sweden Celeste I Sanctions
Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.37.34 AM Switzerland King Alexander I Defensive
US-1820 United States James Monroe CB, TE
1195443550708084264war flag of venice pito 02r svg hi Venice Doge Raolo Neutral


Flag Nation Embassy Status Consulate
725px-Flag of the First Saudi State.svg Arabia No Embassy Indifferent None
Jolly-roger Brethren Coast No Embassy Opposed None
370px-Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark No Embassy Indifferent None
France flag France No Embassy Indifferent None
Flag of the Gran Colombia (1819-1820).svg Gran Colombia No Embassy Indifferent None
Union jack old Great Great Britain No Embassy Indifferent None
FlagoftheAustrianEmpire Habsburg Monarchy No Embassy Indifferent None
MoroccoFlag Morocco No Embassy Indifferent None
Netherland's Flag The Netherlands Embassy Under Construction Friendly Amsterdam
Iran Politics Club Lion & Sun with Persian Curved Sword Iran Flag Persia No Embassy Indifferent None
360px-Savoie flag.svg Piedmont-Sardinia Embassy Offer Sent Friendly None
Flag of Poland-Lithuania TW Poland-Lithuania No Embassy Opposed None
Russia Russia No Embassy Opposed None
Better Spain Embassy Offer Sent Friendly None
18CenturySweden Sweden No Embassy Opposed None
Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.37.34 AM Switzerland Embassy Under Construction Friendly Berne
US-1820 United States No Embassy Opposed None
1195443550708084264war flag of venice pito 02r svg hi Venice No Embassy Indifferent None




  • Econ. - Economic
  • Ally - Military and Econonmic


  • CB - Closed Borders
  • TE - Trade Embargo
  • ES - Economic Sanctions
  • MS - Military Sanctions
  • Sanctions (Military & Economic Sanctions)
  • Enemy - All of the Above


  • Ally (Off.) - Offensive Ally
  • Ally (Def.) - Defensive Ally
  • Mili. - Offensive & Defensive Ally
  • Neutral - No positive, or negative relations
  • At War - All Negative relations (above) will be placed, and a State of War is active.


  • Gov. - Government



  • Open Embassy - Embassy is built; and active.
  • Embassy Under Construction - Embassy is either: A, Being built. B, Being renovated or upgraded.
  • Embassy Offer Sent - Embassy is not built; however an offer has been sent from Bavaria to the country.
  • No Embassy - Embassy is not built; and there is little diplomatic presence.
  • Embassy Under Repairs - Embassy is either: A, Being repaired after an attack. B, Being repaired after a disaster.
  • Embassy Under Attack - Embassy is built, however it is under attack from the enclave nation, or another group.
  • Embassy Destroyed - Embassy is destroyed; it will have to be rebuilt. Diplomatic tension is at it's highest.


Rankings show the relations between the two nations.

  1. Friendly
  2. Cordial
  3. Neutral
  4. Opposed
  5. Hostile
The higher the number, the higher the hostility rate.