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The Sultanate of the Ottoman Empire

Political Information
Type of Government
  • Sultanate
Head of State
  • Sultaness Olivia I
Head of Government
  • Premier Charognard Belemont
  • Sultaness Olivia I
Branch Information

Head of the Government

  • Sultaness Olivia I
Executive Branch
  • Sultaness Olivia I
  • Premier Charognard Belemont
Legislative Branch
  • House of Reps.
  • Senate
Judicial Branch
  • Supreme Court
Social Information
  • Instanbul
Official Languages
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Ottomani
  • English

State Religious Body

  • Islam

Information Edit

The Ottoman Sultanate was recently restored under Sultan Mathieu I. It is currently led by Sultaness Olivia I.

Government Edit

  • Sultans - Olivia I, Raolo I
  • Premier - Charognard Belemont

Royal FamilyEdit

  • Princess Hannah Maria Therese (Aunt)
  • Prince Rhys James Kenwëy (Brother)
  • Prince Mathieu Kenwëy Jr. (Brother)
  • Prince Christopher Kenwëy (Brother)
  • Princess Kynarith Kenwëy (Sister)
  • Prince Tiberian Kenwëy (Brother)
  • Princess Mera Kenwëy (Sister)
  • Prince Julienos Kenwëy (Brother)
  • Prince Auri Kenwëy (Brother)
  • Princess Dibellin Kenwëy (Sister)
  • Prince Arke Kenwëy (Brother)
  • Prince Zanith Kenwëy (Brother)
  • Prince Aldin Kenwëy (Brother)
  • Prince Katosh Kenwëy (Son)


  • Minister of Finance - Jonathan Evershed
  • Minister of Education - TBA
  • Minister of Defense - Sir Nicholas Dexion Flamberge
  • Minister of Production and Labor - TBA
  • Minister of State - TBA
  • Minister of Justice - TBA

Supreme Court Edit

  • Chief Justice - TBA
  • Justice - TBA
  • Justice - TBA
  • Justice - TBA
  • Justice - TBA

Relations with the KingdomEdit

Nation Leader Status
Great Britain Henry Pelham Neutral
Spain Jorge Clemente Neutral
France Jacques I N/A
Russia Dmitri III N/A
Prussia Augustus III Neutral
Habsburg Monarchy Maria Theresa Ally
The Netherlands Samuel I Ally
Denmark Kwagar Ocata Ally
Poland-Lithuania Augustus III Neutral
Portugal Victoria I Ally
Piedmont-Sardinia Re Victor Emmanuel I Ally
Arabia Roger Warskull Neutral
Switzerland King Alexander I Ally
Andorra Parax I Neutral
Persia Shah Pantalo Ally
Venice Doge Raolo Ally
Brethren Coast President Cannonwalker Economic Treaty
Gran Colombia King Simon Bolivar I Neutral



  • Econ. - Economic
  • Ally - Military and Econonmic


  • CB - Closed Borders
  • TE - Trade Embargo
  • ES - Economic Sanctions
  • MS - Military Sanctions
  • Sanctions (Military & Economic Sanctions)
  • Enemy - All of the Above


  • Ally - Offensive & Defensive Ally
  • Neutral - No positive, or negative relations
  • At War - All Negative relations (above) will be placed, and a State of War is active.


  • Gov. - Government



  • Sultaness Olivia I

Commander of Armed ForcesEdit

  • Grand Marshal Nicholas Dexion Flamberge
  • Ministry of Defense


  • Grand Marshal Nicholas Dexion Flamberge
  • Grand Admiral (TBA)


  • Grand Marshal Nicholas Dexion Flamberge
  • Grand General (TBA)


  • Grand Marshal Nicholas Dexion Flamberge
  • Commandant Jonathan Evershed


  • Grand Marshal Nicholas Dexion Flamberge
  • Grand Commander (TBA)

National GuardEdit

  • Grand Marshal Nicholas Dexion Flamberge
  • Grand Chief (TBA)


  • July 1748 - Sultan Mathieu reinstated as ruler; Relations with Austria, Netherlands, France, and Denmark established; Jonathan Evershed appointed as Commandant of the Marines; Trade Alliance is made with Brethren Coast, Tripoli and Instanbul opened to pirate lords; Defense and Trade Alliance established with Swiss Confederation, embassies and consulates built; Aubelan Covenant reformed once again and growth begins; Sultan Mathieu resigns and instates daughter Olivia as heir; Reforms are made;