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The Scotsman The Scotsman 2 December 2014

My resignation

Well, the time has come, as all of you have anxiously awaiting. I am no longer able ( Or willing, for that matter )  to act in my full duties as President of MC Nations. Several factors have pushed me to this final conclusion, which I will now list :

  • Lack of time: As I progress further in to my education, I have found I no longer have time to manage the wiki or server... It is either this, or my future. 
  • My so called "rating" of being president: It's been obvious that I never was a "popular" administrator, to say the least, much less as president. Over the last few weeks, however, I have noticed that several users who shall not be named, have taken a strong disliking to me. While being able to put up with people not liking me in general, I w…

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Blau Wolf XIII Blau Wolf XIII 23 November 2014

The Second Bavarian Acquisitions

The Dignified Government of the Grand Kingdom of Bavaria, is making a formal statement that it will be annexing several lands within a few days. It will also be looking to purchase a small set of land from the Most Glorious Government of Prussia.

Bavaria will annex the following nations:

  • Hesse-Darmstadt
  • Saxe-Meiningen
  • Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  • Mannheim (A province within Baden)

Bavaria will also purchase a land from Prussia, The Government makes this offer:

  • §25,000 (Universal Credits)

The Government is also willing to make a different deal instead.

The lands defined in red will be annexed, purple will be purchased.

  • The Bavarian Government has officially declared that any supporters of the acquisitions will receive the following benefits:
  1. Removal of all ne…

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WaglingtonΠWaglingtonΠ19 October 2014

Official Resignation

Welp, this wiki and all hopes for the server have completely gone to hell.

My fellow admins are now literally making up rules as they go along, targeting people they don't like, and refusing to listen to the community's outcry for change. And I would be ashamed to be part of that.


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Nults McKagan Nults McKagan 19 October 2014

The Treaty of Cayenne (1761)

On this nineteenth day of October, seventeen sixty one, the Caribbean Republic hereby cedes Surinam (Dutch Guyana) to the Kingdom of France. However, in exchange, the French must cede:

  • All Caribbean Islands
  • French Guyana

It is noted that upon signing this document that France agrees to these terms.

The territory in red shall be ceded from the Caribbean Republic to France. The territory in blue shall be ceded from France to the Caribbean Republic.



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Blau Wolf XIII Blau Wolf XIII 19 October 2014

MC-Nations Survey

Please take the survey.


Also any spam responses will be deleted, and will actually hurt the community more than you think. The Administration will be using these responses to vary their resources used for certain areas.

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G-man. G-man. 18 October 2014

How to Make MC-Nations Work

This is going to get deleted. I'm probably going to get banned for it.

1. Get a server running.

There's no need for an alpha or a beta or any fancy gamemode/plugin ideas. All we need is a simple server with factions. Bugs are easy to check for in Minecraft, it should only take about a minute. If we keep the server lightweight there won't be any bugs to fix.

2. Stop changing land claims and the time setting.

1745 is a perfectly good year to start it. It's a part of time that we're all familiar with from our time on PotCO. We also need to settle on who owns what for good. These changes just set us further back.

3. Less administrative power in RP.

If somebody wants to do something with their nation that isn't absolutely ridiculous like giant death …

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The Scotsman The Scotsman 18 October 2014

Administration Announcement : Land Reclaims/Territorial Reset

Well, here it is. I have talked to my partner, the Vice President ( Now returned to regular user, but this shall continue ), and we have decided to do reclaims and the map reset now, considering it is getting chaotic here...

  • 1 Land bids
    • 1.1 Tier I Nations
    • 1.2 Tier II Nations
    • 1.3 Tier III Nations

Nations will be divided in to Tiers, as they always have. Tiers I, II, and III.


  • Bold means primary bid.
  • Normal means secondary bid.
  • Strike means a secondary bid that has been placed, but is currently void.

  • Kingdom of Great Britain ( Includes Ireland and Hannover ) - Winner of bid: Johnny Goldtimbers
  • Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania - Winner of bid: G-man
  • Kingdom of Prussia - Bids :
  • Kingdom of France - Winner of Bid: Joseph Coalsmythe
  • Kingdom of Spain - Winner of Bid: …

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QueenOfSexy QueenOfSexy 17 October 2014

Unification of Denmark & Sweden

Today on October 17th, 1761; the Kingdom of Sweden and the Empire of Denmark have become one. This is following earlier events when the monarch of Denmark and the monarch of Sweden both agreed to be married. All of Sweden's embassies are to be closed unless there is no prr-existing embassy for Denmark in which case will remain. Swedish alliances and involvement of wars are to be looked over as details between the two nations are sorted out.


Queen Celeste I

Emperor Kwagar Ocata

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G-man. G-man. 17 October 2014

The Reunification of Poland-Lithuania and Prussia

I'm not sure how Prussia even became open to claiming, it was Polish-Lithuanian land. Poland-Lithuania will be conducting an invasion of Prussia. We invite our Sausage Alliance friends Great Britain and Russia to join us in reunifying Poland and Prussia, and preserving the Sausage.

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King Alexander I King Alexander I 16 October 2014

Declaration of War on Imperial Iberia

Greetings, members of the MC Nations Group. Today, I have supported a long-awaited defense of our fellow Italian state, and ally, the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardina, which has recently annexed several Italian states. In response, Imperial Iberia declared a campaign of bloodshed, to limit the expansion of Sardina, and possibly take these states as their own. I urge all members of the MC Nations to condemn Iberia, including placing sanctions, embargos, and boycotts on Iberia.

With respect,

Kopf Alexander Kroshbon (talk) 


From the Tagsatzung Convention on October 14th, 1761:

On this day, October Fourteenth, in the year of the Lord, Seventeen Sixty-one, the People's representatives in the Tagsatzung have concluded that it is in the …

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Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) 15 October 2014

Declaration of War on expansionist Sardinia


Due to recent announcements to claim the Italian lands of Modena, Parma, and Reggio; it has been concluded by members of Iberia's Union that the growing interest of an expansionist Piedmont-Sardinia threatens Iberia's Union interests in Italy and surrounding areas. Furthermore this war will not only defend from Piedmont-Sardinia but also help the Austrian Empire regain Modena & Parma. Any nation supporting Piedmont-Sardinia in this conflict will be seen as committing an act of war against Iberia and her allies which comes with its consequences.


  •  King Alberto II
  •  Queen Celeste I
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Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) 15 October 2014

Treaty of Havana (1761)

Notice: This doesn't sound formal but it is legitimate and yeah not feeling like writing some formal treaty so yeah.

Basically we are giving the Caribbean Republic the Yucatan Peninsula. We are nice people.

~ King of Iberia

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JosephCoalSmythe JosephCoalSmythe 15 October 2014

Sardinian annexation of Modena, Parma, and Reggio.

The government of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia is making a formal statement that it will be annexing the Italian regions of Modena, Reggio, and Parma to the south-east of Piedmont itself. We believe that these acquisitions will help us to form a greater, and more unified Northern Italy.

Sardinian lands pre annexation (Blue), land gained by the annexation (Red)

- Re Victor Emmanuel of Piedmont-Sardinia
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Pick chur tingy

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Nults McKagan Nults McKagan 15 October 2014

Declaration of the Acquistion of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

On the evening of October fourteenth, in the year of seventeen sixty-one, the Caribbean Republic hereby claims ownership of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Red represents the territory already held by the Caribbean Republic. Purple represents the territory being claimed.

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Sam Darkwalker Sam Darkwalker 5 October 2014


Im back from some.....er..buisness. (My parents think im causing trouble.)I've seen ALOT has been done while I was gone. I'll be sure to be check up on all of it, but im am back from my "vacation".

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Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) 5 October 2014


Please note that this not effective until something has been done.

I hereby resign from everything except RP and titles I hold. Upon reviewing recent reforms and actions thus far taken by the administration it would be a great conflict of interest for me to continue serving. I don't see MC Nations going anywhere and its potential was great but was completely thrown out the door after a while. I intend to continue looking over the site in case circumstances change.


Allison of Iberia

Not effective until The Scotsman has spoken to me and I have confirmed of such.

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The Scotsman The Scotsman 4 October 2014

Wiki administration/server reforms

Hey guys, I am letting you know that since Joe has entrusted MC Nations with me, a few reforms will be tested to see how they work out. This will mean several people will be demoted, and a few people will be promoted, along with a few rules being added and removed. This list will be uncomplete until next week, so, just bear with me while I get everything sorted out.

  • Blau Wolf XIII - Chat Moderator to Vice President ( Non Bur )
  • LieutenantNigel Chat Moderator to Administrator
  • TheNextMaster - Chat Moderator to Chat Moderator and Rollback
  • User:EmpressBluefeather31 - Chat Moderator to Chat Moderator and Rollback

  • Masqueradeus Administrator to Regular User
  • Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Chat Moderator and Rollback to regular user ( User resigned )
  • LíthìumŒ…

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Sir Joseph Grey Sir Joseph Grey 30 September 2014

Resignation: Sir Joseph Grey


I have decided that my Presidency is taking a turn for the worse, as after we lost two of our staff members, we have started to go inactive. I thus am placing Temporary President John Kroshbon (User:The Scotsman) as President of the MC Nations. I am now the President Emeritus of the MC Nations, which ensures I have the right to return and take up position as President if I see fit, at which time the President would become Vice-President again. I unfortunately do not have time to continue on the MC Nations, and cannot continue to develop this site. 

I will, however, do my best to return this winter, when I receive a 3-week vacation from school, which will allow me to resume Presidency for a couple weeks, before I become President …

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Blau Wolf XIII Blau Wolf XIII 14 September 2014

Global Conquest of the World

The Empire of Japan declares war on everybody, we have one billion troops at our command so there's no luck.

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Sam Darkwalker Sam Darkwalker 5 September 2014


Is it just me or is Chat broken? My computer just turns the chat screen white, it doesn't even show the names or what people said. I might of been screwing around (Mind my minor language) and messed with something probably from my F12 menu. 

01:56, September 5, 2014 (UTC)
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Blau Wolf XIII Blau Wolf XIII 4 September 2014


1.8 is here! Raise your banners, and craft your armor stands!

  • Added Granite, Andesite, and Diorite stone blocks, with smooth versions
  • Added Slime Block
  • Added Iron Trapdoor
  • Added Prismarine and Sea Lantern blocks
  • Added the Ocean Monument
  • Added Red Sandstone
  • Added Banners
  • Added Armor Stands
  • Added Coarse Dirt (dirt where grass won’t grow)
  • Added Guardian mobs, with item drops
  • Added Endermite mob
  • Added Rabbits, with item drops
  • Added Mutton and Cooked Mutton
  • Villagers will harvest crops and plant new ones
  • Mossy Cobblestone and Mossy Stone Bricks are now craftable
  • Chiseled Stone Bricks are now craftable
  • Doors and fences now come in all wood type variants
  • Sponge block has regained its water-absorbing ability and becomes wet
  • Added a spectator game mode (game mode 3)
  • A…
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Sam Darkwalker Sam Darkwalker 28 August 2014

My time here

As you guys may know (If your still in school) Monday was the first day of my Freshman Year, and now today is Thursday, I haven't been on lately, but since I get out an hour earlier, I will not be able to get on at 7 AM through 2 PM, during my 4 hour period I then have to go off again due to my dad, (Who still won't give me back my computer rights.) which will be at 6 PM. I am not leaving, Rather due to my school year, I have slightly less time, making it slightly harder to schedule meetings or such.  Just to recap Im not leaving.

20:34, August 28, 2014 (UTC)
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Nults McKagan Nults McKagan 27 August 2014

The Abolition of the Atlantic Pact

Greetings, members of the MCNations wiki. I've written this blog because I have an important announcement to make concerning the Atlantic Pact. Yes, as I'm sure you've been able to decipher from the title of the blog, I am abolishing the Atlantic Pact. The reason for this is that the other three of the founding members have all left for one reason or another; the United States as a nation was abolished when we shifted time backwards to 1760, Poland-Lithuania violated pact policy by forming a new alliance, and the leader of Russia simply had to go inactive (which can be read about in-depth here), leaving only me left.

I could have simply carried on the Atlantic Pact as was, but now that the other founding members have gone I want to have a f…

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Nults McKagan Nults McKagan 20 August 2014

Goin' Camping

Starting tomorrow (August 20th), I'm going on a camping trip that will last about 2938576648563856385628756274 years four days, but I'm not 100% sure on the length (we could get rained out, emergency, etc). I'll probably be back like Sunday or Monday. I just figured I'd put my blog from the other wiki over here so you guys knew where I was, since my last absense was unexpected.

Be sure not to die too much while I'm gone pls kthx.  

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The Scotsman The Scotsman 17 August 2014

Official Administration Blog : Without a server... AGAIN.

Well, here we go again... Mas resigned, took off the perms for Joe, Lith, and Me, and officially, we are without a server. Until further notice, land changes, wars, and such are put on hold.

I will try and get a new server up and running tomorrow.

22:47, August 17, 2014 (UTC)
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WaglingtonΠWaglingtonΠ16 August 2014

The Darkness is Coming

It is time I convey my message.


  20:43, August 16, 2014 (UTC)

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Genevieve De Adelaide Genevieve De Adelaide 15 August 2014

Resigning from Minecraft Nations Wiki

Dear Members of the Community,

   I am officially resigning from Mc Nations.  Due to my new work schedule, for my new position, I am no longer able to carry out my duties on the site.  I have asked to be demoted due to my inactivity.  I am honored to have made aquaintences with most of the members, and staff on this wikia page.  Thank you for all the fun, and imagination!  Thank you for the support.


The Late Queen Genevieve din Romania

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Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) 14 August 2014

Notice of Leave

I am going through some crap times right now and the las thting I need is dealing with any of this so im just going to keep it short n sweet. im goona be going away for a while and i may not come back. for now i will be on leave from here but if u have any questions i can still answer them. i will be leaving spain/iberia to robert mcroberts temporarily unless other plans change.


- al

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King Alexander I King Alexander I 13 August 2014

Important Notice

Hi. Sir Joseph Grey and I are both going to be inactive for a couple days as a result of a Family matter. I will still be on here and there, but Neil won't be on for a while (it's more of an issue to him). As per Presidential Succession, the VP, The Scotsman is Temporary President. Thank you. 


Alex (and Neil)

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Sam Darkwalker Sam Darkwalker 11 August 2014

What are we?

Okay listen, I may not be on here much anymore, (due to my dad) but obviously I can tell that people are getting irritated at other people. Ryan is a example. (Just to say I am not trying to get anyone mad at me.) Where is this going? are we just people who will argue after argument and argument? This all bloody started when the Server got wiped. (Mas didn't do it to ruin the server.) But before that, Ryan is clearly mad at MOST of us bc of some group Matthew wanted Vic and Gene to be in. Hell, that was the past, Move on, and stop letting the past get to you, Ryan.

Matthew: I don't have any problems with you.

Administration: I have no problems.

Vic and Gene: Don't let Ryan trouble you, Im not gonna sit back and watch this Community, which we …

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 10 August 2014

Concerns regarding your policies

Recently I've witnessed several of what I think most people would consider excessive bans. While there are some wikis who have trigger happy administrators who are a bit... "off" in the head, put lightly, and there are some who encourage profanity and vandalism, I can't say I've ever come across any wiki like this one.

On Community Central even, the administrators are far more lenient and that website directly represents the entire network. This isn't Disney. This isn't 10+. Wiki ism ade for ages 13+ up. Anyone below that age is violating the TOU and can receive a Global Block until they come of age. That being said, I don't understand why users are banned/kicked from chat for absurd little things like "I'm pissed off" or making a joke with…

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WaglingtonΠWaglingtonΠ10 August 2014

(Roleplay) Official Statement from Lord Lithium

My friends, it is with great pleasure and substantial humility that I announce the official recognition of Lithiumanic Occultism as a religion. But tonight, I speak to you of a clear and present danger.

To support me is to support independence, longevity, and new beginnings. There are others in the world that would deem us as heretics or simple cultists. To support them is to openly submit to the mind control of weak politicians and priests who condemn anyone who disagrees with them. The one thing I want the most is to open the eyes of all Minecrafters, and expose the lies of those who would have us as their slaves.

So please, I urge you to make the right decision and align with me. There will be no deceptive rule or tyrannical monarchies, o…

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The Scotsman The Scotsman 9 August 2014

My views on a few issues

Ok, before you ask, I actually got the idea for this from Jerry's blog on the PPW, so, before any of you ask, yes, I got the idea from that. 

First off, the level of drama is too high. Second off, it is the troublemakers, who cause the drama, and when the admins get on to them, they call us biased... Think about this for a second : OF COURSE THE TROUBLEMAKERS WOULD CALL US BIASED! Before you nicer users start believing them, think about it : have they ever gotten a ban, block, even? If we give them bans, they automatically call us biased. Simple as that.

Oh yeah, this issue is so bad it needs its own heading. Said troublemakers, whose names shall not be typed on this blog, have been at it for TOO LONG. They have cursed, caused drama, insulte…

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Blake Stewart Blake Stewart 6 August 2014

My Notice of Inactivity

Hiya. Along with Reyes, I also will be gone for around 5-6 days, as I will be driving to Kansas City. It is a 7-9 hour drive, depending on where you stop. I should be gone from Sat-Wed.

In the meantime, I will need a regent king for the trime being, and Ryan is alledgedly in the hosptial. Also, because of this, Ryan is no longer Crown Prince of Genoa, leaving this position once again to be determined. Therefore, I will need a replacement for both positions asap.

Also, I would like to announce that Kittehstan has declared war on the world for it's wrongdoings. Submitting to kittehism is your only hope. Otherwise, you will be drowned in fur.


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Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) 6 August 2014

Notice of Inactivity

Hi. I am going to be inactive for 3 days-1 week depending on how long my family decides we stay in Miami. We will be driving down as it is only 5 hours from Jacksonville. If I miss anything like a birthday or vote i so srry

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Blau Wolf XIII Blau Wolf XIII 2 August 2014

Ceding of Lands

The Bavarian Government has officially announced that it will be removing itself from power over the peoples of Bavaria. In turn, the new Government, shall be an existing one. The one of the Brethren Coast. Thus forth, Bavaria will hereby by giving all lands owned by the old Bavarian Government to the Brethren Coast. May this be a new future for the Bavarian peoples. A new bright, and prosperous future.

Blau Wolf XIII

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Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) 1 August 2014

The Spanish Gift to the Brethren Coast

On this 1st day of August in 1760,

King Alberto II hereby cedes to the Republic of the Brethren Coast the following Spanish territories:

  • Cuba
  • Santo Domingo
  • Puerto Rico
  • East & West Florida

It is recognised that the growing civilsation of the West Indies under the government of the Brethren Coast, the only non-colonial country in the New World, will tone down the volume of piracy with the occupation and governing of various West Indies dominions.

The Empire of Spain cedes these territories in good faith and wishes for the longevity of the Brethren Coast to be one that shall never end. Long live our Caribbean brothers. It is noted that upon signing this document that the Brethren Coast accepts these lands.


King Alberto II | Rey Alberto II 


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The Scotsman The Scotsman 31 July 2014

Nationality Userboxes

Ok, so, I have finally gotten around to working on the userboxes, and I figured that I would start with the nationality ones. So far, we only have the German, British, and American ones, but I will get around to the rest in due time.

Here are the codes for the userboxes, respectively.

 Code: Germany
 Code: Briton
 Code: American

EDIT : The userbox names are in my name, for some strange reason, HOWEVER, if you put them on your page, they will show up in your username.

Credit to Blau Wolf XIII for the helping me out and the German Template.

Another edit : I will only create nationality userboxes for major nations, UNLESS someone requests one for a minor nation.

20:21, July 31, 2014 (UTC)
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Sam Darkwalker Sam Darkwalker 29 July 2014

Netherlands exchange of Curaçao

I hereby give Curaçao (A Small island in the Caribbean) to the Brethern coast as a act of good will, In exchange I am allowed to build a consulate, and have buisness in the Island as a result.

21:10, July 29, 2014 (UTC)
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WaglingtonΠWaglingtonΠ29 July 2014

The Germanic Unification of Württemberg and Bavarian Territories (Cancelled)

The following is hereby declared void due to Atlantic Pact confliction.

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Johnny Goldtimbers Johnny Goldtimbers 29 July 2014

New Lord Chancellor of Great Britain

is Blake Stewart

04:40, July 29, 2014 (UTC)
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Blau Wolf XIII Blau Wolf XIII 28 July 2014

The Bavarian Civil War

  • 1 The Cause
  • 2 The Republic
  • 3 The Monarchy
  • 4 The Republic Forces
  • 5 The Monarchial Forces
  • 6 Battles
    • 6.1 Battle of Regensburg Part 1

The Kingdom of Bavaria is turning grimmer by the day. The true citizens must unite together to bring down the Tyrant, Kaiser Luther von Klugg XIII. The Citizens have banded together to erase the Absolute Monarchy, and establish a superior republic.

The Republic has officially announced that it's forces have taken the following states:

  • State of Unterfranken
  • State of Mittelfranken
  • State of Oberfranken
  • State of Oberpfaiz

The Monarchy will resume control over the rest of the nation, as the Republican forces have failed to take them.

So following this, we shall commence the battles, I would like everyone to sign their names here to state…

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Bavarian Unification

The people have cried out for Unification, are we the Governments to ignore them?

We must unify to preserve civil justice!

Bavaria will be unifying with Baden, and Hohenzollern once the server is released.

Please read this for reference.

Bavarian/Baden/Hohenzollen Unification Act of 1820

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Blau Wolf XIII Blau Wolf XIII 27 July 2014


In Minecraft 1.8, or Screenshot 14w30c, we'll be able to make our own banners!

I've made a list of banners for every country with instructions on how to make them.

-> Click here

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The Scotsman The Scotsman 27 July 2014

Illness leave

Well, I have taken unwell, and, for the moment, I do not know if I can maintain my position as Vice President, I am taking a leave of absence. While I am gone, I am requesting that Johnny Goldtimbers as vice president, considering that he does not RP that much. 

I apologize, and I realize this is uneeded.

03:17, July 27, 2014 (UTC)


I am feeling somewhat better today, and I have decided I will at LEAST try to carry out my duties, however, I am not making any promises that I will be able to handle any bans, arguments, etc, with good judgement, as the medicine I have been put on makes me more sluggish than I usually am. I thank everyone who supports me through this.

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The 7th Master The 7th Master 22 July 2014


I am going to give items and possessions, that I have acquired over the years, to people I have interacted with along my journey as a measure of my resignation. However, I shall remain in the advisory status of the Grand Palladin Order, as well as advising and assisting others as needed.

To Samuel Darkwalker:

  • My Admiral uniform from my days in the EITC
  • My diplomat uniform, made for me by former King George
  • World-Eater's Snare, a mighty blade I crafted for your specific use
  • Key to the O'malley Estate in Ireland
  • A fine collection of sabres, modified by Blau Wolf XIV and given to me by Blau Wolf XIII
  • The Stinger, a long range gun given to me by Blau Wolf XIII
  • My personal journal, kept since my days as a Black Palladin
  • The Spirit of El Patron (kept in …
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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 21 July 2014

Rule request(s)

I've been thinking of ways to prevent all this from going even more haywire, and this is what I've come to.

  • For battles, invasions, sieges, and whatever, people should not be able to "destroy" cities. These areas should be protected or something of the sort. Players shouldn't be able to burn things down. Each city should have a certain area, kind of like a capture the flag type thing, and if the invader gets there and captures it the city is his.
  • NO SCHEMATICS. Schematics should not be allowed, period. 

That is all. If anyone wants to join our server, seeing as we're the one with, well, an actual server, and some pretty decent builds, the IP is:

Oh, and, by the way, this is what I've been working on for the past two days. I …

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Pearson A Wright Pearson A Wright 19 July 2014

I'm interested

Well, after a long conversation with Mr. Kwagar last night, I have officially decided that I am interested in becoming a member of this community and have joined the nation of Denmark and have started building for them. While building, I've been disconnected multiple times by the server and at some points have had to wait a good while to be able to get back on. Not to mention, there's a bit of lag. In the past I used various hosting companies, some as cheap as $7 a month, and the experience was about 10X as good as this. That being said, I think this community has a bit of potential and it seems like fun so I would definitely be willing to pay a small $7 monthly fee for the server. 

The point I'm trying to make is, you need to get a hosting…

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The Scotsman The Scotsman 15 July 2014

Administrative Templates


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