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The Atlantic Pact is the main body and instructional extension of the Treaty of Moscow and all of the nations included in it.




  • Red - United States
  • Green - Russia
  • Black - Poland-Lithuania
  • Dark Gray - Brethren Coast
  • Dark Yellow -  Persia
  • Brown - Morocco
  • Light Yellow - Gran Colombia
  • Dark Blue - France
  • Orange - The Netherlands
  • Purple - Romania

Terms of the PactEdit

A full brief overview can be found at the Treaty of Moscow Page. The Atlantic Pact is essentially a giant alliance. The members hold dearly a clear line between separation of powers, but are aware of the necessity to come together as one body to protect, defend and fight enemy offensives. While the pact does not require military assistance be given at any point in time by one body to another, it is highly recommended. A completely open, non-government intervention trade agreement is bound 24/7 between all members. Together, they possess a power of great essence, and a will to provide each nation with a safe and secure present and future. 

  1. No nation in the pact may declare any hostilities toward another nation within the pact. No nation, after being deemed "an enemy of the pact" may in anyway support the opposing nation, as that would result in the immediate removal of said nation.
  2. No nation in the pact may join any other alliance groups, as to prevent a conflict of interests unless approved to by the pact's hierarchy.


  • 7/7/1760 - The Treaty of Moscow is created between the four founding member states, setting up for the creation of the Atlantic Pact
  • 7/16/1760 - The Atlantic Pact is officially created
  • 7/16/1760 - The Monarchy of Persia joins the newly-formed Atlantic Pact
  • 7/26/1760 - The Kingdoms of Morocco, The Netherlands, France and The Empire of Spain join the Atlantic Pact.
  • 7/27/1760 - The Kingdom of Romania join the Atlantic Pact.
  • 8/03/1760 - Due to a timeshift and other events, various nations are removed from the Pact. This includes two of the founding nations; America (now non-existant) and Poland (violation of Pact regulations).
  • 8/26/1760 - Due to the leaving of three of the four founding members of the Pact, the Brethren Coast officially abolishes the pact and creates a replacement.